so, just picked these up


in my english training and happiness coaching i often talk about opposites and i am wondering what the opposites of the things above are.? and which you would rather choose for you and your family. if you choose happiness, and want strategies to move forward in that direction, feel free to get in touch with me and ask about my strategy mentoring… it never hurts to ask, to smile, or to think about something a little differently…


bag carrying

i told petronilla a story yesterday
when i was younger i walked 45 miles twice a year in derbyshire now acknowledged as my spiritual home. sometimes  i was the faster team member, sometimes the slower, sometimes in the middle. i never dropped out, always finished.
sometimes i carried two bags, one from another team member. and it made me faster. leading the way. sometimes i know i was allowed to ldea, to keep me motivated. subtle but not lost on me. led from behind, thanks Sherlock
when the others werent strong enough, they let others carry their bag. but they had to release it
i only ever carried two bags when i was strong enough. never when i wasnt strong enough.
much love