dont be afraid to go back and start again

  • Nigel Stonham my analogy is mapreading. when you know the end point, you can choose various routes. and logic says, with each step in the right direction you are nearer. Logic. indisputable…
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    Dale Acciavatti And Nigel it is estimated that a plane is off course about 90% of the time it is in air but it gets to it’s final destination as the pilot keeps correcting the course the plane is taking.
  • Nigel Stonham Petronillla and i were walking one day. in the hills . in the fog. we took advice from some people who didnt have a clue, we walked off and i realised we were wrong. three choices. keep going wrong, short cut acroos the wild land with hope, retracing our steps to the junction and starting again. We went back and restarted, a major life lesson. Once you realise you are going on the wrong route, there is no shame in going back and starting again…. xxx

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