The Bavarian ART of Happiness and Welcome

to mark UN International Day of Happiness and the launching of the European Happiness Association, we are very happy to invite you to attend a moment of happiness TODAY. the power of NOW is that everything is energy and that energy matters


life differs with your lens. i see a ladder above, and want to jump on.

come for a ride with me. a train ride, a roller coaster ride or a river boat ride. wherever you get your ticket, all roads lead to Ryde where we have events planned for YOU. see more on how to get your ticket2ride2Ryde! here please.

TODAY only, a trip to Bavaria / train, plain, boat, car, walk if you already live there, to see Petronillas Moment of Happiness on show. Come along, don,t miss the boat!

If there are any objections, I will address them, trust me I am a salesman. If y9uo need a Dr for your Happiness, then Aymee is a great Choice. If y9uo need a corporate happiness Dr perhaps Henry, and for your City Hapiness needs perhaps Charles or Mike ?


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