advice for parenting a 6 year old…..?

@Hi people any advice on this would great …. My 6 year old daughter has started this and it’s getting more and more often pretty much everyday …. Mummy can I have this ?? Mummy can I have that ?? I want this mummy I want that !!Please any advice on how I can deal with this without getting cross and falling back into old habits of snapping at her

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suggestion / Nigel Stonham ask her @why?@ if she has a valid reason, offer it, in return for something. if it could be aquired in return for earning pocket money, consider that way too. with love, nigel

@She’s asking for stuff like toys and to go places. I can’t do it all.@ … perhaps ask her to make a list and prioritise things,, / the list can be endless and will improve her writing and spelling and focus so i would encourage her to add to it ? / place a price by them, time and money, explain that these things are scarce and that things need to be juggled. delegate the opportunity back to her, get her to think.

Easter thoughts on Celebration and on BEing

Have an awesome, well balanced day, filled with peace love and happiness, Nigel

A string below, of stuff i ask you to consider

Its easy to celebrate that you are breathing for another day, to celebrate the sun or rain or snow on your face outside the home, to celebrate the smile of a child as you walk into your kitchen or down the street and watch them at play… so remember that when you read this…

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how are you doing and you family
thank u, happy easter.

and same to you

it’s really difficult too celebrate it here caused of the Ebola virus
it is hard to celebrate someones death after they have died, but among the sadness, we DO celebrate their life,
its hard to breathe in the USA when it is at war with terrorism.
it is hard to eat when there are millions hungry, but we DO, because we must. we must keep things in balance
and keep hope in our hearts in this chaotic beautiful world we are so lucky to have
BE well. choose your thoughts with care, peace love happiness / nigel