advice for parenting a 6 year old…..?

@Hi people any advice on this would great …. My 6 year old daughter has started this and it’s getting more and more often pretty much everyday …. Mummy can I have this ?? Mummy can I have that ?? I want this mummy I want that !!Please any advice on how I can deal with this without getting cross and falling back into old habits of snapping at her

Thank you smile emoticon @

suggestion / Nigel Stonham ask her @why?@ if she has a valid reason, offer it, in return for something. if it could be aquired in return for earning pocket money, consider that way too. with love, nigel

@She’s asking for stuff like toys and to go places. I can’t do it all.@ … perhaps ask her to make a list and prioritise things,, / the list can be endless and will improve her writing and spelling and focus so i would encourage her to add to it ? / place a price by them, time and money, explain that these things are scarce and that things need to be juggled. delegate the opportunity back to her, get her to think.


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