5 day, 21 hour coaching, for 21 euros per person

7.12 – to offer a 5 day coaching program, designed for “the inclusion and peaceful settlement of people in the city of dreams” encouraging them to take responsibility and occupy the space they fill

Monday to Friday, 3 sessions daily 0730 to 0900, 1230 to 1400, 1700 to 1830

Venues suggested for pilot ( 12th to 16th December ) ( dont worry on the venues now, – all inclusive friendly ones – just note that to take part, you need to be in touch and connected to keep up – please watch my coaching video here and make sure you read the red print before connecting )

Monday – radlager.at / dschungel wien cafe / cospace65

Tuesday –Lemon Tree /  Aux Gazelles  / Aux Gazelles

Wednesday –25hours hotel /IT Cluster Wien or A1 / Addicted to Rock

Thursday – Wombats / Gschamster Diener / Regus

Friday – penta hotel / The Impact Hub / –

get in touch here if interested please facebook

be there, or miss out!


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