Bend it. Like Beckham!

Looking to get Bend it like Beckham to Vienna on the stage, in the cinema, and in 100,000 kids bookshelves…. Plus the libraries, the classroom and the livingroom. Looking for a project manager for this…

Bend It Like Beckham – Wikipedia

Bend It Like Beckham is a 2002 romantic sports family and British Indian-themed comedy-drama film produced, written, and directed by Gurinder Chadha, and …

Bend It Like Beckham (2002) – IMDb

Rating: 6,7/10 – ‎91.149 votes

Comedy · The daughter of orthodox Sikh rebels against her parents’ traditionalism and joins a … Videos. Bend It Like Beckham — Pre, “Coming Soon” …

Bend It Like Beckham: The Musical

Bend It Like Beckham The Musical kicking off at the Phoenix Theatre in May 2015. Book tickets today through the official site from just £15!

Bend it Like Beckham Trailer – YouTube

Nov 5, 2008 – Uploaded by hotfuss44

British Film directed by Gurinder Chadha starring: Parminder Nagra Keira Knightley Jonathan Rhys Meyers …

Bend it Like Beckham | Fox Searchlight

A kaleidoscope of color and culture clash humorously as an Indian family in London tries to raise their soccer-playing daughter in a traditional way. Unlike tarty …

Bend It like Beckham (2003) – Rotten Tomatoes

Critics Consensus: Inspiring, compassionate, and with a sly undercurrent of social commentary, Bend It Like Beckham is a lively feel-good movie that genuinely …

Rating‎: ‎PG-13 (for language and sexual content)
Directed By‎: ‎Gurinder Chadha
Runtime‎: ‎112 minutes

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