Coaching Happiness

is that really possible?

here is a three step approach

  1. change ones emotional state through the TRIAD
  2. read and work through “10 keys to Happier Living” – where the focus is on doing simple things that can be learned and improved and that will increase your state of happiness
  3. engage a happiness coach either one on one or in a team coaching group, where people focus on a personal happiness pland and a team happiness plan. check out Vienna Happiness Project , for group coaching sessions


of course , a great place to start out is with Mr Happy

The TRIAD video

“Ten Keys to a Happier Life” book

for corporate happiness, I am working with Henry Stewart to run a Happy Gathering in Vienna based on The Happy Workplaces Conference. I heartily recommend his book, The Happy Manifesto.

For more ideas on books, try your local Happiness Library. If you dont have one nearby yet, please contact me with a view to setting one up.



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