I am passionate about optimising people, places and projects.

I work to inspire and motivate people to find and follow their passion. I connect people with passion. I work to create happier places, happier projects and happier people.

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some nice things kind people have said…

On Jan 4 2015, @  Hi Nigel, I have been watching the film now for 15 min. I have seen it previous 2x but never got it. You must be extreme intuitive….. I am a second Jan….. everything so far is nearly identical….. …  ….. All the things said… is identical….. amazing. I must have watched it and concentrated mostly on the guy……… did not see Jan……… …… could not see the mirror….. Wow wow wow… / You are a Champ Nigel. thank you I finished watching the film….. yes there was more for me to learn.. I will sleep now and let it grow. Big bear hug

On 26.12, V K to ‎ Nigel Stonham Thank you Nigel for Inspiring me.

On Sun, Dec 21, 2014 at 3:41 PM, AS  wrote: / we are really thankful to you for what you are doing for us and will be really obliged if you can help us through our business plan as our biggest concern for now is to raise funding./ followed 2 days later by … / Working on the questions you ask is one of the most interesting thing I have done through my business plan. Love to hear from you.

From: M H Date: Sun, Dec 7, 2014 at 4:15 PM / Nigel, Something happened to the universe when I let go of the problem and shared it with you.  Taking a leap of faith – The practical problem of payment has been resolved and even a number of people who have taken time to respond to meeting requests have all confirmed  – energy flow has returned again. So I am grateful for our connection.




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