Being a Happy Person


Thanks Di Riddell. I have been Happiness Coaching since 2006 when I feel the Universe gifted me an introduction to the topic in an English lesson with Finance Managers. I make a distinction between moments of happiness, and being happy ( a state of happiness). Moments like those above, can stock up our bank balance of happiness, and apart from third point are in our influence. They can make us more resilient when tough moments arise, often outside our influence. Describing ourself as a Happy Person is a choice, and also in our influence. I see that as a mindful choice of which side of the coin we choose and focus on. This is then key, since as a Happy Person going fishing, taking a nap or helping someone else will have a much more joyous impact !!! It will also mean we view tough moments from a state of happiness, welcoming them as part of lifes tapestry, and learning from them, and bouncing back sooner. thank you ! in happiness, nigel