Sales BootCamp

NOTE / currently in DESIGN phase, no commitment as yet, depends on partners and sponsors and students


1. Graduate Artists and Graduates seeking a career in entrepreneurship
2. Alumni from AKZENT vertriebsmanagement course in Wien
3. Selected graduates from EU countries seeking a cross cultural sales training program with Erasmus support perhaps

A an introduction meeting of students. An introduction meeting of partners and patrons
B A one week sales bootcamp for each stream.
C. a 12 week program with one week in each of 12 partner companies

Outcome. that 80% plus of attendees go straight from this to further enhance their skills and experience in a one year contract with one of the 12 partner companies. Complete with career mentoring and education mentoring from us, to ensure that 80% plus of them continue in their career beyond the 12 months

Trainer pool includes / Andrej Nosal, Christoph RichterJohannes ZeitelbergerKhurram Iftikhar, Markus Petz, Mark Tuttle,

interested? please join the group here in first instance / fb st!artists


Selling is important. How to Master the Art of Selling . Selling ideas to your kids, and to your spouse, let alone to your colleagues, boss or customers

Yet we often dont really get trained enough in early life

The sales bootcamp is designed for you, following on from whatever training you have received, or from none if you meet the criteria

A one week camp of some 60 to 80 hours to break you in to the often high pressure world of selling,
12 sales people from 12 companies will coach you and grill you, and encourage you to join the next part of the program if you are up to it.

Featuring 12 Global/ish brands from Austria, / currently considering. IBM

3 Kapsch traffic, 4. WIen MA13 kids, 5. Wien MA 17 integration, 6. WKO, 7. Silhouette, 8.Zotter 9. A1 , 10. Uniqa, 11. Daopay, 12. PORR, The Impact Hub, , Erste Bank,
Fischer, Voeslaer, KT, Swarowksi, MUMOK, Aux Gazelles, Rausch,

where the students who complete the first week  will be invited to step forward to a 12 week program of something like  one week in each company. At the end of the 13 weeks the intention is that 80% of the students get the job of their dreams and the next step on their career.

Basic week. 20 to 24 hours across 4 or 5 days, with introductions of students, work on basic sales skills, video elevators, and presentations from 12 company salespeople based in Vienna/Europe. building a list of students and salespeople now… ie / sample salespeople listing, no promises until confirmed…
1. Steven M. Garcia
Project and Account Manager EMEA
2. Jasmina Brahimi
helps creating successful Marketing Strategies
3. Andrej Nosal
Business Development Manager at Seiteq
4. Mark Tuttle
co founder and CEO at Cryptografx Security Solutions


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