If you are interested in going from A, to Being Happier NOW, C me. an easy start is to join the free of charge online Happiness Training bootcamp on offer here . you may have to register with edmodo first.

Or contact me now for an initial session of up to 50 minutes at a special price of 40 euros where we open a dialogue, discuss happiness and come up with a simple action plan designed to increase YOUR happiness immediately and over time, if thats a goal you feel you would like to aim for.

Following on from the introductory session you might be invited to join a local monthly Happiness Coaching Group of ten others seeking to improve their Happiness over time. This program is currently offered at 150 euros for eight sessions

Having been actively Coaching Happiness since 2006,  I was invited to join the board of the American Happiness Association as an adviser in 2014. In parallel I have begun the formation of the European Happiness Association and invite you to take a look at the facebook group for that here or drop me a line by email for more information. 


Pay now with PayPal for the session which includes TRIAL membership of euha!. I know it says English on the paypal slip, Its Happiness thru the medium of English. with Miles of Smiles


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