three steps to a happier organisation

A summary of simple points that can change organisations and make them good places to be, and more productive too. Select three from ten.

Trust your people
Step out of approval. Instead, pre-approve and focus on supporting your people.

Make your people feel good
Make this the focus of management.

Give freedom within clear guidelines
People want to know what is expected of them. But they want freedom to find the best way to achieve their goals.

Be open and transparent
More information means more people can take responsibility.

Recruit for attitude, train for skill
Instead of qualifications and experience, recruit on attitude and potential ability.

Celebrate mistakes
Create a truly no-blame culture.

Community / create mutual benefit
Have a positive impact on the world and build your organisation too.

Love work, get a life
The world, and your job, need you well rested, well nourished and well supported.

Select managers who are good at managing
Make sure that your people are supported by somebody who is good at doing that, and find other routes for those whose strengths lie elsewhere. Even better, allow people to choose their own managers.

Play to your strengths
Make sure your people spend most of their time doing what they are best at.

source / the happy manifesto / Henry Stewart. with permission


3 thoughts on “three steps to a happier organisation

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