Intention to get Henry Stewart ( Founder of Happy Ltd, and author of The Happy Manifesto ) here in Wien from 10th to 11th April 2017…


  • Book reading and signing in Bellarti, Wiedner Haupstrasse 131
  • Vienna Hub Creative Circles – Happiness at the Impact Hub Vienna
  • Happy Wien Initiative – CHO Lunch at Aux Gazelles

This is all to support the Happy City Network – and the Gathering of 527 Chief Happiness Officers in Vienna in 2019, please read more about this here and get in touch if interested. As a step on the way, we are promoting the 5th Happy Workplaces Conference in London on June 14th


possible coooperation partners

  • austro british chamber
  • MHC
  • Vienna Hub
  • blue skystuff
  • HappyWien
  • The Learning Street
  • Vienna Happiness Project

it ain’t over

’til it’s over


“It’s not where you start, it’s where you end up. You haven’t failed until …

Page 1. “It’s not where you start, it’s where you end up. You haven’t failed until you’ve stopped trying.” — Author Unknown.

Barack Obama on Twitter: “”It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters …

Embed Tweet. “It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters where you end up. … BarackObama andit’s not the people responsibility to pay for college for all.

popup infomercial

I got passed a great video today, an infomercial on Croatia

I am creating tonight a pop up infomeal to spread the word about

FC Mariahilf

Change Nepalese Mission

and the blue sky stuff academy

why not popalong to Yak and Yeti at 1900 and join in the fun,  its a traditional Nepalese restaurant in the Heart of Vienna, just off the Happiest Street in Town. please call them direct to book a table in the traditional room, and specify if you want Dahl Bhaat Abend ( 13 euro menu ) or a la carte if they have it ….

01 5955452
Hours 11:30 – 14:30, 18:00 – 22:30



Coaching Happiness

is that really possible?

here is a three step approach

  1. change ones emotional state through the TRIAD
  2. read and work through “10 keys to Happier Living” – where the focus is on doing simple things that can be learned and improved and that will increase your state of happiness
  3. engage a happiness coach either one on one or in a team coaching group, where people focus on a personal happiness pland and a team happiness plan. check out Vienna Happiness Project , for group coaching sessions


of course , a great place to start out is with Mr Happy

The TRIAD video

“Ten Keys to a Happier Life” book

for corporate happiness, I am working with Henry Stewart to run a Happy Gathering in Vienna based on The Happy Workplaces Conference. I heartily recommend his book, The Happy Manifesto.

For more ideas on books, try your local Happiness Library. If you dont have one nearby yet, please contact me with a view to setting one up.


positively promoting people

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Where’s My Promotion?!

In the second half of 2015, 90% of recruiters said they were operating in a candidate driven market Source: Recruiter Sentiment Study 2015

Do your employees believe they should be on a faster track?

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The Millenial Generation heralds a new era of employees and organisations have to manage their expectations together with the business imperatives.

This can cause issues and you may well be feeling it too? When the employee expects to move quickly up the career ladder, yet the business needs to move at its own pace. Or when the employee demands a promotion before they are ready.

51% of employees are considering a new job. Source: workforce Panel, Gallup 2015

Is this gap between expectation and reality becoming increasingly apparent in your business? How easy is it to tell an employee that now is not the time for promotion and keep them motivated to stay?

It can be a difficult conversation. But you are used to having difficult conversations, right? However, it is far more difficult when the employee can’t or won’t accept the decision.

Today, it often means that the employee will move on to a company who will give them what they are looking for. For now at least.

Managing career expectations can be difficult. Retaining staff and keeping them focused is a challenge.

All too often, employees with potential vote with their feet when they no longer value the relationship enough to stay, and if the statistics are to be believed, many more of them right now are on the look out for a better opportunity.

You can always throw money at them. Or, you can give them the promotion they seek, even if they are not ready for it. The other alternative is to build a relationship that is valued by both parties.

How do you do this?


What is most important to them? What are their aspirations? (There’s a caveat here – only get curious if you can do so without judgement).


People respond well to clear and honest feedback. If they are not ready for promotion, it is far better to have the discussion openly and honestly. Be specific about any skill gap.


Find ways to keep moving your employee forward. Progress towards something that matters to the person is where their fulfilment lies. If they are not ready for promotion now, or if there is not a position available – there will be other ways that the business can support their progress and development.

Be Confident

People tend to be most attracted to people and organisations that are going to have a good time and be successful with or without them (think Richard Branson). We’ll share more about this in another Insight.

Best wishes

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